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You, as the Seven of Diamonds is one of those unique cards called a 'semi-fixed' card. As part of a special family of seven uniquely different cards, you fall into a different category and have a special mark on your lives. While you can very stubborn, you are also extremely creative and may be destined to become millionaires in this life by accessing the high side of this spiritual money card.  You might also find your third finger (or Apollo finger) may be longer than your first finger which is another marker of creativity.

By suit, you are always connected with money.  As a spiritual number, you must maintain a non-attached attitude about money or there could be continuous problems in this area. We find they are either worrying about it all the time or not worrying and having as much as they like. Regardless, many of their life lessons will come through this avenue.

The other avenue is your close relationships. Family, lovers and friends are all very important to the Seven of Diamonds person. You have close ties, for better or worse, with your family and share in your trials. You have a high, spiritual love nature that often entails making personal sacrifices for your family and other close relationships. There is little youwouldn't do on behalf of your parents or family. This is one of the most spiritual cards in the deck and as such, your success comes from approaching life in ways other than traditional or materialistic. The most successful among them are the ones that live in the faith that all your needs will always be provided.
You are usually restless, making frequent changes in either occupation or location. Your love life usually entails sacrifice and disappointment until you learn to let others go and be as they are. In their spiritual studies you find inner satisfaction and validation for your own intuition. Once on the spiritual path, everything in their life is put into proper perspective and you can excel in any chosen field.

 For such a spiritual card as the Seven of Diamonds, issues in relationships revolve around letting go of personal attachments and developing a more spiritual approach to love. You are, by nature, very loving people and are willing to make sacrifices on behalf of those you love. TYou are bound to have one or more karmic love involvements that challenge you to raise their level of love to more spiritual and responsible heights. Like other cards, you have high ideals associated with love and partnership. But you are more or less destined to have these ideals tested every step along the way. TYour stubbornness and independence attracts powerful relationships into their life, ones that teach them important lessons.

Some famous 7 of Diamonds are: Mahatma Ghandi, Kelly Ripa and Sting.

Knowing and understanding your personality blueprint outlined in the Soulcard System and in your hands via Scientific Hand Analysis gives you immense insight and clarity on your personal life purpose and life direction orchestrated by you and whatever higher source you are connected to. And if you want or are in any kind (but especially intimate) relationship find out more how your Soulcard Relationship Analysis goes much more deeply into your most important role of expressing unconditional love to all. (Click on the links to find out more)

Celebrate with family and friends today and enjoy your "'millionaire" life now!

Bless and Light

Linda Dietz

Transformational Love Coach


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